KEBBEK / Topmount 33 Borg Series / 84cm /Complete

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Jimmy Schjölin
Rating: 4

All in all an excellent little board. Fun to ride, carvy trucks. Light but still stiff. I have yet to see another quality board at this price point. Bang for buck is unbeatable! Trucks are turny to the maximum. It's almost like riding a surfskate but with RKP's. Now the negative(s): Hardware is sloppily mounted. You need to tighten EVERYTHING because it is dangerously and destructively loose. Bushings are soft. Very soft. So soft as to give you wheelbite if you are of any kind of regular weight. Don't even think about 70mm wheels unless you get harder bushings and some 3-5mm risers. Wheels are a bit small-ish. A matter of preference, but they are only 60mm!