RANDAL RII-125mm/ silver/ per piece

Average rating: 3 / 5

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Nicki Brøgger Elgaard
Rating: 1

So you take away my review coz it was a negative one huh? I guess that shows you dont care about the quality of the products you're selling.. That's truly unproffesional!

Nicki Brøgger Elgaard
Rating: 1

Worst trucks I've had

Truly disappointing quality from Randal! Comes with kingpin slop. Has slop between bearings and axels (axels are thinner than they should be). Major design flaws, especially bushing seats are messed up for real! Useless stock bushings. Cheap plastic pivot cup. I literally have nothing good to say about these trucks, even the design is butt ugly... Trust me, you wanna choose something else!

Brian Eis
Rating: 5

Randal 125 . Good for carving and pumping . I pump on mine love them. Carve 5 Pumping 5

Johannes Krimm
Rating: 5

geniale achse für kleine longboards, sidewalksurfer, commuter. saubere verarbeitung!